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Turtle conservation in Sulawesi

Av Josefin Örnklint - Söndag 7 april 10:35

The same foundation that runs Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre is also running a turtle conservation area 1 hour from Tasikoki. Tasikoki staff is patrolling and monotoring the area 24/7.

The sea turtles come up on the beach normally in the beginning of the year to lay their eggs in the sand. They dig a hole and then covering them carefully with sand. After this she swims out in the sea again and never come back. The eggs are hatched after about 50-60 days when the small baby turtles by instinct move out to the sea to hopefully live a long life avoiding predators eating small turtles for breakfast!

Tasikoki staff overseas the activity and once a female has laid her eggs, our staff are digging them out of the sand to move them to a safe enclosure where no predators such as crabs, birds, lizards can dig them up and eat them.

We were so lucky to see some of the little ones take their first steps out of their eggs and into the sea as soon as the sun was set.

We also had a lesson from Tasikoki Education Officer Windi about sea turtles and I am amazed how tremendously big some of the species are with leatherback being the biggest of them all (natural size in pic below!). In Tasikoki we have fresh water turtles weighing about 35 kg.If you ever get the chance to witness turtles eggs being hatched, please take the opportunity as it is an fantastic experience.


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