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A normal working day at Tasikoki

Av Josefin Örnklint - Torsdag 21 mars 12:08

Today was a normal working day with some unusual elements to it. First of all I had only slept 2-3 hours due to a marathon dance party until 3:00am  in the nearby village with speakers reaching the whole of north of Sulawesi I would think. You might ask yourself how that could be possible on a weekday but the answer is that we are in Indonesia and apparently the police has other things to do than interrupting people having fun. I also panicked after finding spider webbs in my bed when using head torch for reading and had to sanitise it but with the horrific imagination of spiders walking in my bed while sleeping during the first two nights. Well what you don´t know you never can hurt from.....

Working day starts at 6:00am with browsing for jungle sallad for the long tail- and gibbon monkeys. We then prepare green bundles for the macaques. As I have told they are very aggressive and very fast so when you stick the green bundle through the fence, you have to keep an eye where they are, if they are showing their teeth to you, you should wait a little bit. Today I was taken by surprise when an aggressive alpha male quick came out with his hand and scratched my hand. Luckily it only got red but got me a bit shaky! The next surprise was a black racer snake that was rolling right in front of me. They keep telling me that I have to watch where I am going as there might be snakes or huge spider webbs between trees. Once these little monkeys are fed with their breakfast we get served breakfast; fried rice and pineapple and other fresh fruit.

After breakfast we prepared boiled eggs in leaves for the macaques. This is not a natural diet for them but they are given this to supplement the proteins and DO THEY LOVE IT! It is a fight between them who can get most eggs in their mouth. They are jumping and screeming at us in the cage when we are approaching the enclosures. We also gave some seed enrichments to the parrots and cuckatoos. For the orangutans we made some yummy smoothie with fresh fruit, chia seeds and carrots and put it in coke bottles. One of the orangutans happily drank it when we poured it in her mouth but the other one refused. We even tried with the animal keeper that has fed him since he was little but he was not interested in the smoothie. 

After our lunch we helped the keepers and the veterinary to clean the turtles. They are scrubbed with soap on the shell all around them. They are also put on the scale to check that they are not loosing or gaining waight too fast. These turtles were between 35 and 39 kg.

I have had a fantastic day learning lots of new things. It is not all easy for a lot of reasons being here in this climate and in this environment but sometimes you just have to accept things in order to reach other personal levels and the most important that the main purpose I am here is to help the wild animals due to cruelty in the world.


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