Direktlänk till inlägg 15 mars 2019

Time for departure!

Av Josefin Örnklint - Fredag 15 mars 10:23

After months of planning, organising and thinking it is now time for departure to a slightly more exotic environment than the daily routines at the lawfirm in Stockholm!

Not knowing exactly what waits ahead of me is a mixed feeling of excitement and a tumbling stomach. I know for sure though that I am doing the right thing. So many positive comments from people I am surrounded by which makes me even more confident in my decision.

What´s even more exciting is that I have no idea what these two months will do to me?! It´s like a personal experiment. I might come back o Sweden in May as a fanatic vegan animal rights activist dressed in batik sarongs that has lost all my excess BMI kilos and with a mindset that make-up is superficial..... or not.

For the first time in many years I will leave my work phone at home. First week will feel like I have lost a limb and second week I might get used to living without the limb and realise that one can actually live a normal life without that limb. This will be two months of self contemplation, reading, learning about something that I have very little knowledge about, meeting different cultures, hopefully get friends for life and meet and learn about wild animals with a very traumatic background.

Please come with me on this fantastic journey! If you like to read about the centre where I will be working, you can go to http://www.tasikoki.org/ 


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Av Josefin Örnklint - Lördag 13 april 12:42

The background of our animals are often heartbreaking and most of them have either been confiscated by the custom in the harbour or by the police and brought to Tasikoki Wildlfe Rescue Centre.   In Tasikoki we rehabilitate the animals with the ai...

Av Josefin Örnklint - Tisdag 9 april 00:00

At Tasikoki there are some incredibly passionate, young people working with important agendas and for a really good cause and I think their message to the world is very up-to-date and important so here is a presentation of two talents I have the hono...

Av Josefin Örnklint - Söndag 7 april 10:35

The same foundation that runs Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre is also running a turtle conservation area 1 hour from Tasikoki. Tasikoki staff is patrolling and monotoring the area 24/7.     The sea turtles come up on the beach normally in th...

Av Josefin Örnklint - Onsdag 3 april 12:58

                  One hour away from Tasikoki is Tangkoko national park. It is a nature reserve situated along the sea on green rolling hills. It is a flora and fauna conservation area with several species of animals, birds, flowers and plants....

Av Josefin Örnklint - Torsdag 21 mars 12:08

Today was a normal working day with some unusual elements to it. First of all I had only slept 2-3 hours due to a marathon dance party until 3:00am  in the nearby village with speakers reaching the whole of north of Sulawesi I would think. You might ...

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