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Meet Tasikoki young professionals

Av Josefin Örnklint - Tisdag 9 april 00:00

At Tasikoki there are some incredibly passionate, young people working with important agendas and for a really good cause and I think their message to the world is very up-to-date and important so here is a presentation of two talents I have the honor to work with:

Windi is 23 years old and work as an Education Officer at Tasikoki since 2018 and she has a degree in Biology from Manado state university. Her responsibilities at Tasikoki is to educate local school children in environment conservtion, animal trafficking, wild animals protection and laws in relation to these in Indonesia.

The problems and challenges they are facing are mainly concentrated to North Sulawesi and not so much to other islands and parts of Indonesia such as Java and Sumatra. In North Sulawesi local people have previously been farmers and hunters, hunting wild animals for consumption. There are strong traditions held by many villagers in the region and who also support them and their living on trading wild animals in local markets. This becomes a problem when they are trading with endangered species or species that could potentionally be endangered if they contnue to consume these animals. Also having them as pets can impoverish some species in the wild. This is becoming an educational problem as this is not tought in schools.
Windis is not only visiting local schools near markets where these animals are being traded, she is also inviting them to Tasikoki for educational sessions and to let them see the animals we are taking care of here. The aim is to have local people engage in the protection of wild animals and to raise awareness. Today Tasikoki cooperate with many local organisation to fight these problems such as trade and consumption of bats which is an animal widely sold in the markets here.
Windi thinks the laws in Indonesia are good when the crime is discovered and people get prosecuted but a lot of the trade is not discovered and the problem remains widely in North Sulawesi
Windis dream and ambition is to become Minister of Environmental issues and increase awareness of these problems for local people and lobbying for importance of bio diversity and nature resources.

Luis is 23 years old and work as a Guest Liaison officer since 2018. He has a Bachelor degree in Marine Science and Marine pharmaceutical from Sam Ratulangi university. He came to Tasikoki after looking for opportunities in international organisations working with preserving nature and also wanted to do something for the world.
He is today meeting and greeting guests visiting Tasikoki. There are a lot of  politicians, representatives from various organisations and businesses, eco tourists and students coming here to learn about what Tasikoki is doing.

Luis mean that the main problem today is with the government not supporting and helping poor farmers and villagers trading with wild animals and to encourage them and help them find other jobs in order to support their families.
in the future he would like to work in an international organisation such as United Nations and inform the less informed people in the world thw IM portance of bio diversity, respecting nature and wild animals and not only respecting their religion. Keeping nature and our oceans free from trash and garbage is an important issue he wants to work towards.

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